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ACPS Automotive offers expertise embracing an array of solutions for automotive applications.

We serve our customers in the international auto industry through development and production of original equipment products. Decades of experience give us the know-how we need to develop highly-efficient solutions that precisely meet the expectations of our customers. In addition to each customers' specific requirements, our product-development process is influenced by contemporary concerns such as the environment, current demographic trends, and renewed emphasis on individualized concepts. As a result, ACPS Automotive product line contains a wide range of accessories that improve convenience and help end users get the most out of their vehicles.


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Our Products

Trailer hitches

ACPS Automotive is a leading manufacturer of trailer couplings for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles.

Vehicle modules/parts

ACPS Automotive not only develops its own products, we also produce series automobile parts for others, such as flexible spacer sleeves. We also manufacture automotive equipment such as drive-linkage modules that make it easy to operate trunk lids on convertibles.


Key replacements

Have you lost the key to your trailer hitch or roof rack? No problem! We have a solution for you!

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