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We manufacture a wide range of accessories that help you get the most out of your vehicle

With decades of experience and know-how, we develop attractive solutions specifically designed to reflect your own personal requirements. As a result, our products make your daily life easier, improve convenience, and make driving your car a special experience. Our product range covers everything from trailer hitches and roof-mounted transport systems to Windstop wind deflectors for convertibles and off-road accessories.


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Our Products

Trailer hitches

Bosal is a leading manufacturer of trailer couplings for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles.

Windstop air deflectors for convertibles

Bosal develops and manufactures a wide range of wind deflectors for convertibles. Their effectiveness has given this product group a high level of market success.

We are the global market leader in this product category and serve most European, American, and Japanese automobile manufacturers.

Vehicle modules/parts

Bosal not only develops its own products, we also produce series automobile parts for others, such as flexible spacer sleeves. We also manufacture automotive equipment such as drive-linkage modules that make it easy to operate trunk lids on convertibles.


Key replacements

Have you lost the key to your trailer hitch or roof rack? No problem! We have a solution for you!

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